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Happy New Year!

3 January 2018


Happy New Year! We hope and pray that you’ve had a good break this Christmas. This half term at St.Peter’s we’re focussing on another section of our Character Compass – WISDOM

Making wise decisions isn’t always an easy task. We’re faced with decisions every day from the moment we wake up. Some are simple and some not so simple. At St.Peter’s we believe that the good and bad decisions we make now can have an impact on family, friends, peers, careers and many other things and people for years to come.

This half term in our series Wisdumb we’ll look at the art of wise decision making and ask some of the following questions:

How do you begin to make a wise decision? Why should I bother planning? What questions do I need to ask to make a good decision? What does “being methodical” look like?

The series will be based on the St.Peter’s Character Compass and will be underpinned by the book of Proverbs and a Bible story/character. Each week we’ll see some of the real wisdom found in the Bible and look for ways to apply it to our daily lives.