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Malawi update

24 July 2017

Malawi update Thursday July 27th 1:40pm

Just arrived in Zambia. Only one and a half hours to get through the Malawi and Zambia borders which is not bad considering that every visa entry had to be hand written. Hope to be in Marula Lodge around 4pm.

Malawi update, Thursday July 27th 8AM.

We have just set off for Zambia. We had breakfast at 5.30 this morning, packed the buses and set off an hour later after a team photo on the beach as the sun came up.

We are heading back to Mtunthama through the Nkhotakota game reserve – its a rough gravel road and we just had to stop to swap our luggage trailer onto a different bus because the tow bar broke.

More than 500 elephants have been relocated into the reserve in the past year with the last group being moved last night. We didnt see any elephants this morning, just a few baboons, but we will see plenty of them in South Luangwa.

We hope to be at the Zambia border around 11. Sorting visas takes time but we aim to be at Marula Lodge around 3 – as long as we dont have too many toilet stops!

The students are all being fabulous – a pleasure to be with and a credit to the school and their families.


Malawi update, Wednesday 26th July 7:30pm.

Another lovely day by the lake shore. Everyone was up to see the sunrise and swim at 6am. We have swum and even surfed in Lake Malawi, played volleyball and soaked up the sun. We head off early tomorrow to Zambia. It will be a long day but everyone is excited about going on the safari.

Malawi update, Monday 24th July 2017 3:15pm

We have arrived safely at the lake. Everyone very excited to be on the beach and enjoying swimming in the lake.

Malawi update Sunday 23rd July PM

Our last day in the village before we head to lake malawi tomorrow morning. We went to the chichewa church service this morning with fantastic singing and delivered gift bags to each child at the orphanage this afternoon.

This evening we tucked into a fabulous meal of chambo and chips followed by a beautiful chocolate cake which was baked by Nelson to celebrate Grace’s birthday. We head off early tomorrow for some well earned rest on the beach.

Malawi Update Sunday 23rd July  AM

I woke very early this morning and decided to sit on the veranda,and enjoy the peace and quiet and watch the sun come up. It is just getting light now and I can hear the sounds of the village waking up- cocks crowing, people sweeping their yards, and women fetching water from outside taps. The air is cool but will soon warm when the sun is up.

We have a busy day ahead as the last group arrive back from Chimbya and we try to finish the decoration of two secondary school class rooms.

Two people we know from Chimbya will also travel to mtunthama on our bus today, so that they can go to the hospital. Chimbya has no medical facilities and is 40 km from the nearest hospital here in mtunthama. One of those coming today is a friends 2 year old son who has a bad burn on his hand from touching a cooking pot. It really makes you appreciate how lucky we are to have free high quality health care on the door step.