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Miss Florides’ Supernatural Superstars  

9 January 2018

Miss Florides’ Supernatural Superstars  

A group of year 7 students have recently completed a creative writing project with a ‘supernatural’ theme during their literacy intervention. The students read the first book of the Vampires Inc. series, Hunter’s Moon, whilst completing various pieces of work on genre and theme. The students stopped reading after chapter five, and were given the task of creating their own chapter six, the final chapter in the book.

These were completed in the style of either a written chapter, a graphic novel or a comic strip. They focused on sentence structure, spelling, punctuation and paragraphing and all responded excellently to feedback. All students worked really hard throughout this project. Their final chapters are varied, imaginative and fit the theme of the story perfectly. Many also added creative and colourful images to support their chapters.

Awesome work!

Carys Williams
Cohbi Whitfield
Enrique Albarracin
Freddy Jex-Davies
Leo Maule
Alex Hurford
Tristan Collett