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Non-uniform day – Thursday 19th October

10 October 2017

Thursday 19th October is our last school day before half term and it will be a non-school uniform day when students will be able to raise money for our ongoing Compassion project. In exchange for a suggested minimum donation of £1, students may wear their own clothes. It is important to make it clear that students must still wear appropriate clothing for a school day. The day remains a normal school day so all other expectations regarding the wearing of sensible shoes, non-revealing clothes, levels of makeup, jewellery and hairstyles which form part of the school uniform policy will still apply. If every student and member of staff supports this event by donating the minimum, we would raise over £1300 in one day which would be an amazing achievement.

For those of you who are new to St.Peter’s, we raise £3000 each year to support 10 young people in Africa.

Meet Daniel, Catherine, Robert, Janet, Bernard, June, Nuru, Kolo, Abel and Zubeda!

St.Peter’s have teamed up with Compassion UK and are sponsoring 10 young people. Compassion child sponsorship is a powerful and lasting way to tackle world poverty. Compassion supports the most vulnerable children and through sponsorship, helps them break the cycle of poverty, replacing it with hope for the future.

Our sponsorship will ensure that the children will have access to healthcare, education, food, clothing and much more. More details can be found about the charity at www.compassionuk.org/stpeters

As a school we need to raise £3000 each year to keep up the sponsorship for Daniel, Catherine, Robert, Janet, Bernard, June, Nuru, Kolo, Abel and Zubeda. We have made a great start following “Getting Unstuck” Day but need to keep going to raise sufficient funds. What could you do to help us reach our target?

Over the coming months and years we will be getting to know the children better as we write letters to them and receive letters in return. We’re really excited about being involved in a project that serves others makes a real difference in the lives of young people around the world.