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Physics Challenge

7 December 2017

On Monday 4th December a group of year 10 students took part in a Physics Challenge event at The Exeter Maths School. Two teams from St Peter’s competed against 15 other teams (mainly of year 11 students) in 3 gruelling rounds of Physics challenges. Without the use of any resources  apart from a calculator and very basic equipment they were asked do things like find what mass of rain falls on Devon in 24 hours of heavy rainfall, how far would the Earth recoil if all the people in the world gathered in one place and simultaneously jumped in the air and find the mass of a 1.5V cell (without scales).

Eva, Harriet, Holly and Lily were in our girls team and Marcus, Charlie, Benji and Alan were in our boys team. Our teams worked really well together for nearly 2 hours, without giving up when the going got tough and our girls team came 1st! Well done to all involved.