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Student Work for Tutor Day – Friday 1st December

29 November 2017

Student Work for Tutor Day – Friday 1st December

We are really looking forward to this new style tutor/student/parent/carer meeting which has been introduced as a response to feedback of wanting time for students to share more with tutors and parents/carers about how they are learning and how they are taking personal responsibility for their learning by using The St Peter’s Character Compass.

It will provide an opportunity for students to develop personal responsibility by taking a lead in the meeting as they have been asked to prepare a five minute presentation on their progress this term at St. Peter’s. We want to support them in making good choices and help them lead the discussion between themselves, parents/carers and tutors. This will help students reflect, question, make links and plan ahead for the coming term. There will also be an opportunity to celebrate achievements so far this term.

As students will not be in school on Friday 1st December, the following work should be completed at home:

Years 7 to 10
Character Review

Complete the Character Review worksheet and return it to your tutor on Monday 4th December.


Spend one hour of your day reading. This could be re-reading a core text that you are studying in English Language or English Literature, reading a novel or non-fiction book as part of your wider, independent reading or reading a recent newspaper. If you are working on a text you are studying, it might help you to make notes on characters and themes, or research the social, historical context.


Log on to Mathswatch and complete the TD (Tutor Day) assignment which has been set by Mr Wilson. This is due to be completed by Monday 4th December.


Students should choose and complete a Science activity from the department Go beyond document found by selecting the link http://www.spexe.org/learning/go-beyond/

Alternately, some students may have already been given an online ‘Kerboodle’ activity by their class teachers to complete.

Go Beyond

At St Peter’s we believe that all students have the potential to aim high and achieve excellence. Therefore each department has designed different activities that you can do to help expand you passion, skills and understanding for their subject.

Go to the link http://www.spexe.org/learning/go-beyond/  and select one or more Go Beyond activity to complete from a subject or subjects  of your choice (in addition to the Science task) to enrich your curriculum in that area.


Year 11
As Year 11 students will begin their prelims exams on Monday 4th December, they should use the day to revise in preparation for these.

Download Character Review

Download student Work for Friday 1st December

Go Beyond