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Theatre Week

24 July 2017

Theatre Week

The students from Theatre Week have been lucky enough to take part in a variety of skills and devising workshops. Using our theme which was based on three women who were accused of witchcraft and hanged in Heavitree they worked with Nick Stimson to produce a modern day interpretation of this. They developed a piece that showed that people who are ‘different’ are still picked on today.

On Monday the students wrote their own words for a song using the same theme and Jez Taylor from Playback Theatre created the tune. This beautiful haunting piece stuck in our heads all week and was beautifully sung by them all accompanied by Mr Balletto

They also learnt some amazing combat skills and used Trestle masks with Marie Kelsall from Green Banana Theatre Company to create a very funny short scene set in a office.

The students were lucky enough to watch a dress rehearsal of Comedy of Errors in Rougemont Gardens (it didn’t rain) and take part in a workshop organised by The Northcote Theatre.

They chose something to share with their parents and friends and even created their own dance to go with the song.

A brilliant week with some lovely talented people

Ms Vallis Mrs Simpson

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