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Week beginning 27th November

27 November 2017

Week beginning 27th November

28 days until Christmas! How time flies! We have 3 and half weeks until our Christmas holidays but an awful lot to do in that short time. Year 11’s will be taking their Prelims, on Friday there’s our first All Year Tutor Day, the Carol Service takes place at the Cathedral on 18th Dec and much more! In school, our “Build or Break” theme continues next week as we think about the topic of forgiveness.

Our Character Compass definition is:

Forgiveness To choose to give yourself or others another chance and to move forwards respectfully instead of dwelling on the past.

On Monday and Tuesday we will be joined by Jonny Elvin & Phill Brokenshire from Trinity Church and they will be helping us think about the Lost Son (Luke 15). On Wednesday & Thursday we’ll be continuing thinking about forgiveness but also thinking about the Tutor Day this coming Friday.

The QT to support our thinking on the topic of forgiveness can be found here:


This QT looks at the difficulties but also the power of forgiveness. The author Philip Yancey once said “The only thing harder than forgiveness is the alternative”. We hope and pray that our students begin to understand and put into practise forgiveness at St.Peter’s


Heavenly Father help us to be a school where forgiveness is seen at every corner. Give us the power to forgive people who have wronged us and give us the humility to ask for forgiveness when we have made mistakes. Forgive us Father when we hurt, upset or offend you and others and help us be a community where love and peace are constantly present. Amen

God bless and have a great week

Mr Baker