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Our School Ethos and Vision


School Communion 301115 01We are a school that attempts to link all aspects of Christian faith with the daily life of the school. Across the whole school day and across the whole curriculum we show our pupils how Christianity makes a difference. Not just in worship and in RE lessons, but in the way we approach everything that goes on in our establishment. In everything we do, in all our documentation, in the school organisation and management we hope that it is obvious that the school is distinctive.



We hope and pray that we model the following:

–    an atmosphere of encouragement, acceptance and respect;
–    a sensitivity to individual needs where children’s self-esteem and confidence grow and where they feel able to make mistakes without fear of criticism;
–    partnership between adults and children;
–    sensitivity towards the beliefs, hopes and fears of parents;
–    providing stepping stones to and from the community;
–    a curriculum that combines academic rigour with fun, sensitivity and prayerfulness.