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Increased concern about online grooming

13 May 2020

Devon’s Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (the MASH) has seen an increase in the number of calls reporting inappropriate online activity.

With schools temporarily closed to many young people and social distancing measures in place, children may be at increased risk of sexual exploitation, while having limited access to friends and school support.

“Perpetrators are using technology to groom children, young people and adults now, through social media, chat apps and online gaming, intending to meet up with their victims later,” said a safeguarding professional.

More information and advice is available on the Safer Devon Partnership website or via the NSPCCChildline and the UK Safer Internet Centre. 

To report a concern to the Devon MASH, telephone 0345 155 1071 or email mashsecure@devon.gov.uk and give as much information as you can.