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To register you must use one of the email addresses that you have provided us with. An email will then be sent to that address with a link to set up a password. If you wish to use a different email or you need to change your email, please notify our reception desk who will update your details.

In order that your enquiry can be dealt with promptly you need to know who is the best person to ask. In secondary schools this can be very confusing as there are so many staff!

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To make this easier we have categorised the main points of contact below:

Please note: all field must be completed before clicking ‘send’ otherwise all information will be lost.

Terri Walker
Personal Tutors

Careers Guidance
Theresa Falconer

Clubs (Enrichment Activities)
Andrea Parry
Paul Ruff (PE)

Subject Learning Leaders (all subjects)
Ged Pounds (CCF)
Vicky Ratcliffe (Duke of Edinburgh)

Learning & Teaching
Personal Tutors
Subject Teachers
Subject Learning Leaders
Debbie Boulton (Deputy SENDCO)
Andrew Hubbard (SENDCO)
Phil Randall Headteacher (Learning & Teaching)
Martin Burt Deputy Headteacher (Curriculum)

Home Learning
Personal Tutors
Subject Teachers
Subject Learning Leaders
Martin Burt Asst Deputy Headteacher (Curriculum)

Wendy Thurlow (admin support)
Theresa Falconer (Careers)
Personal Tutors
Martin Burt Deputy Headteacher

Nicky Ferguson (Assistant Headteacher)


Ali Green
Jacky Clinch


Gary Wills
Debbie Rowett
Jackie Armstrong

Sam Hammett (Designated Safeguarding Lead)
Phil Randall

Pastoral, Performance & Progress
Personal Tutors
Heads of Year (Progress)
Intervention Support Officers

eParent Administrators
Wendy Thurlow
Russ Le Puill