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History Challenge


History is all around us…. Can you find out about the History that surrounds you?

Can you interview a family member/ close friend/ someone in the community about their life experiences?

How does it compare to your own?


Try to write answers from them and you – how much has changed since they were young and now?

  1. What year were you 11 years old?
  2. Who was/is your hero?
  3. What trends/ toys were/are the big thing then/now?
  4. What was/is your favourite food?
  5. What did/do you do for fun?
  6. What did/do you want to do when you grew/grow up?

  1. What big historical events happened before you were 11 years old?
  2. Were/ Are you interested in the news?
  3. How will you remember 2016?
  4. What has been the biggest changes from when you were young to 2017?
  5. What advice would you give someone who is going to secondary school in 2017?

You can add questions of your own!


Who did you interview?

Download History Challenge here