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Summer 2019 Examinations

You may have noticed that there are two clashes this summer –

Drama and Physical Education (total time 2 hours 45 mins)

Statistics and FSMQ (total time 3 hours 15 mins)

Students are allowed to sit more than one examination at GCSE level in one sessions i.e. morning or afternoon – if the total time does not exceed three hours.

For the drama and physical education clash students will sit the drama examination first, as it is the longest, they will then have a short break of approximately 15/20 mins and then they will sit the physical education paper.  This will mean that they will be in school until approximately 16:00.

For the statistics and FSMQ clash – students will sit the FSMQ examination at the normal start time.  They will then remain under examination conditions for an extended break – during which time they can revise for their statistics examination and have something to eat and drink.  We will then start the statistics examination at approximately 12 noon.