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Exam Rules And Regulations

The examination boards set out strict rules for the conduct of all examinations (including controlled assessments) and St Peter’s School must follow them exactly.  Every year we, like all exam centres, are subject to visits by examinations’ inspectors, who have the power to remove our examination centre status if we do not follow the rules.  It is important, therefore, that all students know what is expected of them.  The Examinations Officer will talk to you in assembly about these rules and what would happen if you were to break them.  Links to the information from the exam boards are:

JCQ Social Media Final 2018-9

Information for candidates – written exams (4)

Information for candidates – Privacy Notice – December 2018

Information for candidates – onscreen tests (2)

Information for candidates _ NEA 1920

Information for cands_cswk.1920

Warning to Candidates 1718 (4)

No Mobile Phones Poster 2017 (3)

Notice to Centres – Informing candidates of their centre assessed marks FINAL29.1.18

Notice to Centres – Review of centre marks (3)

Please read the Warning to Candidates and Information for Candidates on the links above, so that you know what is expected of you.