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Homework is set regularly and all students are expected to complete it to help reinforce and enhance work learned during lessons. The work may take a variety of forms including: written work, research, completion of classwork, rehearsal, learning vocabulary, thinking and planning.

Every student works at a different speed, but as a rough guide Year 7-9 students should spend between one and two hours per night, with individual tasks taking between 20 and 30 minutes each,  and Year 10-11 students will need to spend between two and three hours per night. Sometimes students will be set extended tasks, such as research projects, which will take a number of weeks to complete.

Homework provides opportunities for students to work independently and to take responsibility for organising their work and their time. Students should use the homework timetable grid in their Learning Journals to record when homework is usually set, and write down the tasks set in the diary pages, making sure they keep to the deadlines given.

To extend and enrich their learning students are able to access online resources such as MyMaths, GCSEPOD and I Am Learning, when they log in to the School VLE. We also encourage students to read widely and take every opportunity to practise their reading, writing, communication and mathematical skills, so if you feel you haven’t had enough work to do at home try challenging yourself with a practical task that will help you develop these skills.