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GCSE Music: A Revision Guide for Students and Parents 

Recommended Revision Guides

OCR GCSE Music Revision Guide: Alan Charlton – ISBN: 978-1-907447-20-4

OCR GCSE Music Study Guide: Rudland, Galley & Marshall – ISBN: 978-1-906178-77-2

By the end of the Easter term, students will have completed the following pieces of work, all of which are marked internally and sent away for moderation:

  1. A recorded performance (perf 1) of a piece they have studied
  2. A recorded composition in the style of this performance piece
  3. A 4-paragraph written commentary about the performance, piece, the performance, the style and the intention of the composition
  4. A written annotation or score of this composition
  5. A free choice performance (perf 2) – must have two people performing in it
  6. A 2nd recorded composition in the style of one of the topics covered in AoS 2, 3 or 4. (Shared Music, Dance Music and Descriptive Music)
  7. A written brief, log and evaluation for this composition
  8. A written annotation or score of this composition
GCSE exams
  1. There is a 1½ hour listening exam, covering the Areas of Study, which usually takes place near half term in the summer term
  2. At the start of the summer term, there is the Creative Task, a 45-minute practical composition exam, which is recorded and sent away for marking
Revision Resources
¯    Before their prelim in December, students are issued with revision notes on
each topic¯    Before Easter, when all Areas of Study have been covered, students are
issued with a Revision Text Book, published by CGP.¯    We are doing the OCR specification.¯    Rhinegold Publishing offer a book, costing £15.95, (but not so student-friendly)¯    Students are set revision topics each week to tally with related listening practices

¯    Miss Faith runs a day of revision and preparation for the Creative Task during
the Easter Holiday and a half revision day for the Listening Exam during May half

Useful WebsitesBBC Bitesize has a general GCSE Music section with listening examples. http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/music/Where to get helpThe music department is staffed before 7:30 each morning.  Miss Faith is available to help students with coursework and recording at this time, one-to-one or in small groups. It is helpful if students plan when they would like to come in for these sessions so that staff can be prepared for individual needs.