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Resistant Materials.

Revision tips:

• Go through previous exam papers
• Research thoroughly exam designing question and prepare some sketch ideas before exam.
• Attend ALL teacher led exam revision sessions in school!

Top Ten Topics for revision:

1.  Materials –Hardwoods, softwoods, man-made boards, ferrous / non ferrous metals –focus on their properties and uses.
2.  Thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics including composite materials –properties and uses.
3.  Sustainability and environment impact of using finite resources–incthe 6Rs
4.  Manufacturing –scales of production (job, batch and mass) including CAD, CAM and CIM.
5.  Measuring tools, quality control, quality assurance and engineering tolerances
6.  Product life cycle and product maintenance.
7.  Health and safety -inc.signage and personal protective equipment
8.  Adhesives and finishes for woods and metals including galvanising and plating.
9.  Ergonomics and anthropometrics definitions and application.
10. Manufacturing processes –injection moulding, vacuum forming, blow moulding, metal casting

Useful links and resources:

www. Technologystudent.com
(click on Resistant Materials link and scroll down to find 2016 exam topic)
Revision pack to be posted home to all students later in year.