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Business Revision

Exam board –    Edexcel

Unit 1 – Introduction to Small Business                  25% of the exam – multiple choice paper

This unit contains five topics:

  • Spotting a business opportunity
  • Showing enterprise
  • Putting a business idea into practice
  • Making the start-up of a business effective
  • Understanding the economic context


Unit 2 – Investigating Small Business                       25% of the exam – controlled assessment

Research and investigate a real life business from a choice of five tasks and write up the results under controlled assessment conditions.

Research will take 6 hours

Writing up will take 3 hours


Unit 3 – Building a Business                                         50% of the exam – essay paper

  • This unit contains five topics:
    • Marketing
    • Meeting customer needs
    • Effective financial management
    • Effective people management
    • The wider world affecting business


revision-business-studiesRevision Materials

Shared work student/subject handouts/Business Studies/Revision documents and flash files

Tutor2u – Introduction to Small Business

Online book in Subject Programs/Business Studies

Useful books:

Revise Edexcel GCSE Business – Pearson

Revision and Guide workbook

Useful Websites