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Monday 12th March

12 March 2018

Week beginning 12th March

This coming week we are focussing on REFLECTION

Our Character Compass definition is:

REFLECTIONDeveloping the habit of stopping to think carefully about our response to a situation, so that what we do improves matters rather than making them worse

In Key Stage Assemblies will be asking the question – IS THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE WHEN WE COOPERATE?

We’ll have a look at Mark 2 and the healing of a paralysed man. I love this story because it took this man’s friends to cooperate to do something for their friend: they needed to get him to Jesus. They had the same end, they wanted their friend better and they had heard that there was someone in their town who could help. They worked together; they co-operated to get their friend to Jesus.

I wonder how easy our students find it to cooperate with others? It takes lots of skills, being a good listener, being an encourager, helping others, but these skills are great ones to grow now as young people and later as adults.

The QT for this week can be found here:


In this QT we look at the possibility that “payback” is not just a negative word. Thai mobile telecommunications company TrueMove launched a film called “Giving”, a three minute online film telling the moving story of two families transformed by the spirit of giving without hope of return. A young boy caught stealing medicine for his sick mother is given a break by restaurateur with a heart for the poor, helped by his daughter. Thirty years later tragedy strikes and the daughter faces a 792,000 Baht ($25,000) hospital bill. Enter Dr. Prajak Arunthong. Does “payback” have to be vengeful or spiteful? Or could it be radical and generous?


Father God, we pray for a spirit of cooperation and eagerness to contribute to the needs of everyone we come across, so that our lives are built with love, care, and teamwork. Help us to recognise those who are vulnerable or hurting and help us to be generous and kind towards them. Amen

God bless

Mr Baker