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Extension and Enrichment Activities for English

2 June 2020

The English Department have created a Google Classroom full of engaging activities designed to support you with developing different skills needed for English, particularly reading, writing, comprehension, grammar and cultural capital. On this Google Classroom you will find a range of optional activities for all year groups (KS3 is years 7 and 8 and KS4 is years 9, 10 and 11). You can choose which activities appeal to you the most and which would be most useful for your learning.

These activities are not a replacement for the work set for you by your English teacher, they are to complete in addition to those tasks set in your normal English lessons in order to extend your learning further.

There is no requirement for this work to be handed in, nor should you expect your teacher to mark any work you find on there and complete, but if you have any questions then feel free to ask them by posting a public comment on the stream and then anyone can reply to you and help you out.

If you complete any work that you would like to share then please also feel free to post it on the stream so other students can gain inspiration from what you have done.

We hope you will seek out this opportunity to extend your learning further and we hope that you enjoy the resources posted on the classroom.

Google Classroom code: 7jbugtt