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Malawi update by Lloyd Thomas

22 July 2018

Malawi update written my Lloyd Thomas:

Today, we woke up to some excellent porridge as opposed to the usual rice pudding. Then we were on our way to Mt. Chipata. It was very promising, everybody was excited… until we had to wait at the gate for over half an hour. Nevertheless, we managed to spot some baboons. Then we set off up the mountain, it was a long, tiny path but we all knew it would be worth it in the end. Walking through the trees, the songs of the birds were incredible but unfortunately we were unable to see any wildlife.

At the top, the views were wonderful, you could see for miles. Perfect photography opportunities were available. Gratefully, sandwiches greeted us at the bottom. Plain butter sandwiches were surprisingly delicious. Then we set off back to the village and settled down ready for the evening. We finished the night with a giant birthday cake made of a mountain of 60 donuts… 2 mountains in one day!