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Malawi Updates: We have arrived

13 July 2018

Friday 13th 2pm

Malawi update. We arrived safely after a good journey and the students were fabulous. No moans and no one sick yet! Driving to Mtunthama now. Everyone is tired but excitded. Love from Malawi.


Friday 13th 5:45am

Malawi update: arrived safely in Ethiopia. Students brilliantly behaved on the plane – although some look like they haven’t slept very much. It’s cold and raining heavily in Addis Ababa…. welcome to Africa! We have been through security here and are now waiting for our next flight to Lilongwe, where we hope it will be a bit warmer. Love from Malawi Team 2018

Thursday 8:50pm

Malawi update: we are all safely checked in and on board our first flight to Ethiopia. Everyone is on good spirits and very excited about the flight. Thank you for such a great send off this morning. Love from all the Malawi 2018 team.