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Medical Awards Programme

9 January 2020

Medical Awards Programme

Please ensure that students in year 10-13 are aware of the Medical Awards Programme.  Every student considering a career in medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine should be enrolled because:

  1. It puts our students in the running for a £12,000 university scholarship
  2. It helps students to focus their efforts and achievements
  3. It is an impressive medically relevant Award to have on their CVs
  4. It increases their chances of getting into medical, dental and vet school
  5. It makes the process more fun and less stressful!

The Awards Programme offers a nationally streamlined process for students to pursue these highly competitive careers and gives them direct access to doctors, dentists and vets who act as Mentors and Award Supervisors.  This levels the playing field for students from all stages and financial backgrounds, as well as standardises careers advice delivered through schools across the UK.  The scholarships are purely merit based and are NOT means tested, making them accessible to all students.  Every student who completes their Gold Award automatically qualifies for interview and scholarship shortlisting.

We encourage students to enrol on the Awards Programme independently at this weblink:  [https://medicmentor.co.uk/medic-mentor-awards-programme/]

Schools will be informed if their students have been enrolled onto the Awards Programme.