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Monday 2nd December 2019

2 December 2019

Week beginning 2nd December

And then there were 3 weeks left! Just 15 get ups!?! I hope and pray that you’ve had a good rest this weekend. This week we are once again joined by AlterEgo Theatre Company who will be performing their play “County Lines” for Year 8. I will be taking Key Stage assembly on Tuesday and then on Thursday & Friday we will be joined by Jon Hancock and Gemma Cain who work with Year 10. They will be kicking off our Christmas series –

ADventure @ ADventWhat can we learn from the Christmas adverts?

Our the past few years John Lewis has taken the Christmas advert to a new level! Other companies have stepped up their game too and the Christmas advert race is almost as keenly anticipated as the Christmas no.1!!! But what do these adverts tell us (or not tell us!) about Christmas? Have the advertisers missed something crucial to CHRISTmas? And what is Christmas really all about?

The QT for this coming week looks at the pending General Election. As election fever (or fatigue!?) sets in across the United Kingdom we take some time to look at voting and democracy in our QT session. All of our young people should be eligible to vote in either the next General Election or the following one. In this QT we explore reasons to vote and provide our students with some basic information to help them understand what is happening in the UK on December 12th.

To access the video and download the PPT click here:



Heavenly Father, we pray for wisdom in this election season. We pray for peace between divided communities, within families and for peace between political opponents. Help us to be people who think wisely about how we vote in the future and help us to live well with those who we don’t agree with. Amen

God bless and have a great week!

Mr Baker