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Monday 4th February

4 February 2019

Week beginning 4th February

During this week, Key Stage assemblies will be taken by leaders from Trinity Church, Jon Hancock and myself. We will be continuing our theme of WISDOM in the Foolproof series and looking at a couple of parables from Luke’s gospel.

The QT for this week is one that we’ve been meaning to put together for a while but have only just got round to it… it’s about procastination (!?) In this QT we look at time wasting. We’re all (I think) guilty of it at some point but do we know the damage that it is doing and how can we avoid being lifelong procrastinators?

You can find the PPT and video here:



Heavenly Father, please help us to make the most of each day. Help us to not leave things to the last minute or until they are too late.  We pray that we would realise our potential both in and out of school. Amen

God bless and have a great week

Mr Baker