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Monday March 11th 2019

11 March 2019

Week beginning 11th March

On Monday we have a special guest visiting St.Peter’s. Calum Davenport is a former England under 21 captain and played for clubs such as Tottenham and West Ham. He has an incredible story to tell and we are really looking forward to hearing him speak.

This week we will also continue to think about our theme of “Compassion” in our acts of worship. What does it actually look like when we are compassionate? Why bother being compassionate and how could I make a positive difference in this school? These are just some of the questions that we will be exploring together.

The QT for this week will look at a dramatic rescue that took place on a mountain in Vancouver, Canada. In the video 13 & 14 year old boys work together to save an 8 year old from huge danger. There’s also the opportunity to think back to the Chilean Miners Rescue and the Miracle landing on the Hudson River. It ties in well with the theme of Courageous Compassion and you can find the ppt and video here:



Heavenly Father, thank you for 3 great stories of rescue. Please help us to demonstrate some of the skills and qualities that were on display in each of those situations. Help us to show courage and compassion however difficult the situation we find ourselves in both today and in the future. Amen

God bless and have a great week

Mr Baker