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Overdue Library Books

7 November 2019

We have a number of very overdue library books. These must be returned immediately to the school library.  Your child should have received a letter in tutor time if they have overdue library items.  Please check at home for books and DVDs – each item will have been stamped with St Peter’s C of E Library, and a date stamp displaying the due date.  If the book is a set text for an English lesson, your child’s name should be written in the book, along with a barcode.

If you would like to check your child’s library account, please go to the school website, click on ‘Our School’ go to ‘Library.’  At the bottom of the page you will see an Accessit icon.  Click this and ask your child to log onto the area using their user name and usual password.  Once on the Accessit Library screen you should see at the top of the screen on the left your child’s name, click this and then click ‘Borrowing Details.’  Their account will be shown.  Renew the books if required, or search for the books at home and return to the school library.

Thank you

Ms Nolan

School Librarian