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Religion, Crime and Punishment.

30 October 2018

We are continuing to develop and redevelop enrichment for the new Religious Studies GCSE at St Peter’s, Exeter. So far we have developed a successful trip to two very different churches in Exeter and Exeter Mosque. We have also developed 4 visiting speakers for each year 9 class on Christian Beliefs and Practices including representatives from Catholic, Anglican, Evangelical, liberal, charismatic and Pentecostal churches locally. We also have a visiting speaker for Islam beliefs and practices with our local expert Mrs Neomi Alam. Simon D’Albertanson now a marine Chaplian visited as part of our religion peace and conflict theme.

This year we are redeveloping enrichment for the Theme Religion Crime and Punishment. Year 11 had half a day on our recent CPSHE Day for this. Visiting speakers included: the Anglican and Free Church Chaplains from Exeter Prison Rev Bill and Rev Jude, also the recently retired Police Chief Inspector Roger Bartlett who now volunteers working with ex offenders and crime prevention. Magnus Proctor an accountant from Barnstaple who volunteers with charities such as Sycamore Tree working on restorative justice, prison Fellowship, Prison Alpha and with recently released ex offenders. Nigel Williams who ran charities in Torbay working with ex offenders and now supervises this work through Rediscover Church Exeter supervising projects like Transform and Restore which works in providing help and safe houses for those who are victims of Human Trafficking locally. Finally Dave Fulton an ex offender who shares his story from criminal to church leader and businessman then on to being an Army chaplain in The Gambia who challenged Human Rights abuses and found himself being imprisoned and tortured before being miraculously released and who now supports the rehabilitation of people suffering from PTSD locally. Q and A from students at the end of each session was very probing on topics such as reformation and forgiveness.

A fascinating insight and very helpful for students. Huge thanks to all involved!! Hazel Britton and the RE team.