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Robotics in DT Lessons

25 January 2017

This week, we are welcoming two French teachers (Lionel Andre and Gerald Lacourt) from our partner school in Brittany. They are with us to do some Robotics lessons in the D.T department. They arrived last Friday to set up their equipment and yesterday started to teach some lessons to our students. There are three activities students can work on: Nao robots which the students can program to make them speak, dance… Lego Mindstorm where they have to program a robot to go around a track and finally Formula Flowcode where they program another type of robots and track its movements. This is a great opportunity for our students to discover the world of robotics and we are really grateful to the French teachers for coming and making this happen. If you like to know more, please look at the few slides and photos from yesterday. I am sure the students will tell you more about this when they get home…!