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Uniform Reminder

11 October 2018

Here is a copy of the letter which was sent to all parents in May this year, reminding parents about our uniform expectations. This information was also given to parents of all new Year 7 students in July.

I would like to draw your attention to two paragraphs in particular:

  • Please ensure that low heeled plain black leather shoes are worn to school. Canvas shoes, boots and trainers are not permitted. We will ask you to buy another pair of school shoes if your child comes to school in canvas shoes, boots or trainers.
  • Please ensure that skirts are of the correct length when they are purchased. They should be worn at knee length. We will ask you to buy another skirt of the correct length if your child arrives at school wearing a shorter skirt and we would rather you avoided the expense of purchasing items that don’t comply with our uniform requirements.

Therefore, all parents should have been clear about uniform expectations when they purchased new uniform or shoes ready for September. However, at the start of term in September, a number of students had to be reminded that they were not complying with the uniform expectations set out above relating to their shoes or their skirts. Many parents were contacted about this and we agreed to allow a reasonable amount of time for this to be rectified.

As we approach half term I would like to ask you to check that your child’s uniform meets our uniform requirements and would be grateful if you could in particular check that their skirt can be worn at an appropriate length and that they are wearing black leather shoes. If this is not the case I would like to ask you to make sure that the situation is rectified as soon as possible and certainly by the start of the next half term.

Heads of Year and I will be carrying out uniform checks in the next week and will be reminding students who are not wearing appropriate uniform or shoes, that these will need to be changed.

Thank you in advance for your support

Andrew Hubbard

Assistant Headteacher