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Update from Lee

11 January 2019

First update from Lee is in: He’s had a difficult first night, battling crosswinds but he was joined by a pod of dolphins from around 4am, ‘that was quite cool!’. He said it was a magical evening, really beautiful and the stars were really impressive. At about 5.30am, however, an alarm went off because there was a container ship way too close to him. His ‘frantic’ attempts to call the ship went unanswered but thankfully another ship in the vacinity had noted Lee and informed the closer one, which altered it’s course. Lee said it was ‘really, really quite close and pretty nerve-wracking’. Now the wind has changed and is helping him along nicely – he says conditions are good and on the whole he’s pleased with his first 24 hours. Don’t forget you can track Lee’s journey on the live tracker (which updates every 4 hours) which is on his website, www.leespencer.co.uk #NotDefinedByDisability