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Whole school assembly

7 September 2018

Yesterday St.Peter’s opened for another academic year and the first day concluded in some style! Years 7-10 settled in, had time with their tutors and attended a couple of lessons while Year 11 received some specialist study support from an external group to set them on their way at the start of an important year.

The day culminated in a whole school assembly as over 1300 gathered in the main hall. Students were introduced to our half term focus of COURAGE and challenged to attempt new things and persevere at all times over the next 11 months.

However the entire St.Peter’s staff wanted to ensure that they were leading by example and took the bold and brave step of singing to the entire school! Conducted by Jordan Newberry from Year 8 (and Mr Balletto our Head of Music J) the staff sang “A million dreams” from The Greatest Showman. There were a number of brave staff who took on solos and it is hoped that all students at St.Peter’s will follow suit this year and show courage and embrace the opportunities they have at school. Sadly the performance is not available to download on itunes (!?!) but it is hoped that the choir may reform at some point in the future.