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World Mental Health Day October 10th 2018

5 October 2018

#HandsUp4HealthyMinds this World Mental Health Day

Mental Health and Wellbeing:

To mark World Mental Health on Wednesday 10th October, and to raise awareness around Mental Health & Wellbeing, Mr Baker (School Chaplain/AH) is planning the theme for the week around the topic of mental health and wellbeing, so students will spend reflection time being given the opportunity to raise their awareness.

On Monday and Tuesday, in Key Stage Assemblies, Mrs Hore (Lead on MHW) will be speaking to students about the importance of self-care to promote positive Mental Health, and what to do / where to go if they feel they need some extra support.

Also, this year, The Dignity Ambassadors, a student-led, peer-support group who promote anti-bullying and diversity, will be given specific training on understanding MHW. They meet every Tuesday lunch time at 1.40pm in E49, and all students are encouraged to get involved.

‘#HandsUp4HealthyMinds’ have provided the resource: ‘Tips for talking with young people’, as a little reminder on the best way to support our young people if / when they need to talk to us about their mental health.