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Year 10 & 11 RE Revision Sessions

14 January 2019

Mrs Neomi Alam a parent of former St Peters student is an invaluable local Islam expert and has helped us a lot with RE trips and visits to school in recent years and we are delighted that she is coming in again for some after school revision sessions as follows:

Yr 10/11 Islam Revision with Mrs Neomi Alam in H64/H65  3.30pm-5pm

Thursday 24th January 2019 Islam Beliefs

Thursday 7th February 2019  Islam Practises

Year 10 have nearly completed their Islam Beliefs and Practices section of the RS GCSE Syllabus AQA A and will be examined on this along with Christian Beliefs and practices on March 1st 2019

Year 11 also are revising RE at home as we complete the last two themes in class and so this will be very helpful for them. Across year 11 the Islam paper was the weakest response in prelims in general so this session will be a great boost. As you are aware there is a huge amount of revision materials accessible to students online and on the school website and another brilliant revision tool for RE Seneca is also being introduced to them at the moment.

Please encourage all year 10 and 11 students to attend both sessions coming up and bring their questions.