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Year 10’s at Wellfest

8 July 2019

I wanted to write to tell you how wonderful your yr 10s were who joined me at Wellfest yesterday – a new local event organised by the local doctor surgeries to promote wellbeing. We were particularly focusing on wellbeing in young people.

The yr 7s didn’t come along in the end, but Hamish, Tee and Shana were brilliant. All three worked the whole event from 11.00 – 4.00pm.

We ran a stall which sold glitter festival face painting, plus sold my book.

Hamish sold 10 books, plus gave out loads of book flyers (he made a tidy commission!) and T and Shana earned all the profit once the glitter had broken even (approx £12 each) – so they were all pleased.

The girls talked about the peer mentoring programme to people as they did the glitter. Hamish joined me to give a 10 minute presentation on the peer mentoring programme and the Hopezone at school.

Here are some photos – they were lovely, fun company and a credit to St Peter’s School.