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Year 11: History Paper One

14 May 2019

As you are aware the History Paper One exam is on the first day back after half term. This exam includes the following topics:

1D America, 1920-1973: Opportunity and inequality: Conflict and tension in Asia, 1950–1975
Part one: American people and the ‘Boom‘

  • The ‘Boom’
  • Social and cultural developments
  • Divided society

Part two: Bust – Americans’ experiences of the Depression and New Deal

  • American society during the Depression
  • The effectiveness of the New Deal on different groups in society
  • The impact of the Second World War

Part three: Post-war America

  • Post-war American society and economy
  • Racial tension and developments in the Civil Rights campaigns in the 1950s and 1960s
  • America and the ‘Great Society’ (LBJ/JFK)
Part one: Conflict in Korea

  • The causes of the Korean War
  • The development of the Korean War
  • The end of the Korean War:

Part two: Escalation of conflict in Vietnam

  • The end of French colonial rule:
  • The US involvement:
  • Johnson’s War:

Part three: The ending of conflict in Vietnam

  • Nixon’s War:
  • Opposition to war:
  • The end of the war:

To help support you we have put together a variety of resources, which will give an indication of both the subject knowledge and skills needed to complete the exam successfully.

A detailed presentation:

We have always run an early morning session prior to the exam to help give students several final tips and strategies to achieve their best. This year we are doing something different. As we feel that the morning of the exam is too close to the exam we have already recorded this presentation which can be accessed in two parts (for each section) on the google classroom.  

It is strongly recommended that students watch both parts and take notes on how to access the exam questions.

Past Paper Questions:

Additional to the presentations we have uploaded a past paper examination with notes on to help support students in answering the questions set.


This is a useful tool for recapping key subject knowledge in easy manageable chunks. However, students have stated they found the layout of some of the pods confusing as they are not in chronological order. Therefore we have created the following playlists to help support students access the topics with greater clarity.

America Part One 1920-40: https://members.gcsepod.com/shared/playlists/playlist/1603666

America Part Two 1940-75: https://members.gcsepod.com/shared/playlists/playlist/1603677

The Korean War:  https://members.gcsepod.com/shared/playlists/playlist/1603678

Early Vietnam – 1945-68: https://members.gcsepod.com/shared/playlists/playlist/1603691

Later Vietnam 1968-75:  https://members.gcsepod.com/shared/playlists/playlist/1603700


Finally, students are welcome to drop in on the morning of the exam with any questions. I will be in my room (H61) on Monday 3rd June at 7.30am.

Wishing you all the best of luck and focused revision over the next few weeks.

If you have any queries please let me know.

Mrs Wilkinson

Download Year 11  HISTORY before exam in June 2019 here