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Year 11 newsletter

13 May 2019

Dear Parents/Carer,

The exams are finally upon us, I can’t quite believe how quickly the time has gone by. In my assembly this week Mr Baker and I shared some last minute tips to enable the exams to go smoothly. These included;

  • Making sure they have the correct equipment
  • On the night before the exam, check when and where they need to be to avoid any last minute panic
  • Not overanalysing the exam after it is done
  • Eating well, drinking lots of water, getting as much sleep as possible (with the window slightly open)
  • Don’t forget the breathing techniques I shared in my assembly last week.

Hopefully our character compass has taught our students to have;

  • Wisdom: to make the right choices about how to use their time.
  • Courage: to have a go at questions even if not sure what to do.
  • Compassion: to help and support those who may be struggling.
  • Community: to work together to help everyone have the best chance to succeed.

We are running some extra revision sessions in school over the next few weeks please find the timetabled attached.

Here are also a few reminders relating to all things year 11;

  • Lunch accounts: students need to make sure they clear any money on their lunch accounts before they leave.
  • Clearing: Please encourage your child to return any books, equipment etc. once they have finished with them and before clearing day on 19th June
  • Leavers’ BBQ: Tickets are available from the finance office at a cost of £2.50
  • Attendance: A reminder that students need to be in school every day until half term (24th May)
  • Prom: Please be advised that even if they have reserved a ticket, students will not be permitted to go to the prom if any of the following happen between 23rdApril – 19th June;
  • They receive a fixed term exclusion.
  • Their behaviour is deemed to be unacceptable in lessons, examinations or around the school site.
  • They do not return/replace/reimburse items of school property as outlined on their clearing form. The £20 deposit paid for the prom ticket will be used towards payment for any outstanding debts.
  • They refuse to accept the authority of the school by not following our clear expectations regarding behaviour, detentions, uniform, jewellery and makeup.
  • There is any reason to believe that they will cause an issue at the prom.
  • Attendance drops below 95% between 23rd April and 24th May (this is equivalent to more than one day off during this period) unless there are exceptional circumstances.

I wish all year 11s well, they have made it this far, and I wish them every success in the next few weeks ahead.

Kind regards,

Kelly Tarlowski

Yr 11 Extra Revision Sessions 2019