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Year 11 – Yearbook 2018

16 May 2018

Year 11 – Yearbook 2018

The Student Awards have all been counted and the results are in. They will be published in the Yearbook along with some photos!

In the front of the yearbook is a photo montage of your photos from Year 7 – 11

Year 11 Leavers BBQ and Prom photos will also both have a double page spread in the Yearbook

Does anyone have a copy of the Year 6/7 tutor group photos or any photos they would like in the Yearbook? If so please bring them to the IT Office or email to Julie.mathijs@spexe.org

Yearbooks cost £16 and can be purchased through the Finance Office or SchoolComms.  Order/pay now and collect on GCSE Results day.

Just a few remaining student entries to come in.  Please hand them into the IT office ASAP

There’s a Yearbook display in the Library if anyone would like to look at previous Yearbooks.

Come on Year 11, let’s make Yearbook 2018 the best so far!