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BB Grammar School

School History

St Peter’s became a Voluntary Aided Church of England High school (12 – 16) when two high performing single sex schools, Hele’s for boys and Bishop Blackall for girls, merged in 1983. When the school system in Exeter was reorganised in 2005 St Peter’s became an 11- 16 school, and moved into a new PFI school building in September 2006.

The school was designated as a specialist Language College in 2003, and re-designated in 2007. Although such accreditation is no longer available, the legacy of this specialism is positive in terms of the value of languages in the curriculum and continues to make an active contribution to the Global Perspective.

Hele's School
St Peter's High School

In 2007 St Peter’s began a journey to transform learning, developing strategies to ensure students become successful independent learners for life. The common language of learning, whole school thinking skills, student leadership structure and attributes of outstanding learners have combined to ensure students are aware of the features of outstanding learning and are increasingly able to assess their own progress as learners, setting their own targets for improvement using the 7Rs. As a result of this work, St Peter’s became a Thinking School in 2012 accredited by Exeter University.

St Peter's Today