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Essential Items

A waterproof bag/rucksack, preferably with two shoulder straps and large enough to hold an A4 folder (small bags and handbags are not permitted)

A warm waterproof jacket for the winter

Two pencils and a sharpener

Two pens (black or blue ink)

Geometry set Ruler and eraser

Coloured pencils

A reading book

PE kit as required

Technology aprons as required

Scientific calculator “Franklin” Spell Checker (or similar) for anyone who may need help with spelling

These items must NOT be brought into school:

Scooters, skateboards, mobile ‘phones, Tippex, laser pens,personal CDs/personal stereos/mp3 players or chewing gum, under any circumstances.

Students should not have the following in their possession under any circumstances:

Cigarettes, matches, lighters, alcohol, aerosol cans, illegal substances, knives of any kind. Personal possessions All students should mark their name on their uniform and equipment clearly. Any lost unmarked items which remain unclaimed go into the stock of the St Peter’s Association second-hand uniform shop, for sale. The PTA organises the return of lost property which is on display each Friday before half term and end of term. Please remind your child to have a look on those days if they have lost anything as after a certain time anything not collected is given to charity. Please also remember to put their names on all property as it makes life much easier!