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Drop off/parking Quarry Lane

15 March 2019

Re: Dropping off students and parking in Quarry Lane, Rydon Lane and Grecian Way

Dear Parents

There have been several near misses between vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists outside the school in recent months. Local residents and businesses have also expressed their concern about the behaviour of some drivers, when dropping off or collecting students from St Peter’s.

Please could we remind you to consider the safety of others when you are dropping students at school:


  1.    Please do not drive onto the school site between 7.45 am and 8.45 am or between 2.45 pm and 3.45 pm. Parking is limited and school buses need room to enter and exit the site.


  1.    The only exceptions to this are:
  1. Parents who have been issued with a pass by the school office.
  2. Drivers with disabled badges.


  1.    Please do NOT drive onto the school site during these times to, for example:
  1. Drop off children who are late
  2. Drop off lunch boxes or PE kits
  3. Leave a message at reception

If you need to, please park outside the school site and walk in.


  1.    When dropping off or collecting children in Quarry Lane, Grecian Way or Rydon Lane (entrance to South West Water), please:
  1. Do not stop on the zig-zag markings outside the school gate or on the bus stop. It is illegal to do so; even stopping momentarily is not allowed.
  2. Do not drive onto the pavement to drop off your children – this puts pedestrians at risk.
  3. Do not park across local residents’ driveways
  4. Do not park where you will obstruct other traffic
  5. Do not block the entrances to business premises
  6. Do not park on the verge or on local residents’ gardens or drives
  7. Do not stop in the school entrance to drop off your children.
  8. Do not turn your vehicle around in the school entrance or at the junction between Quarry Lane and Grecian Way.
  9. Do not leave your engine running whilst you are parked outside school


  1.    We suggestthat you drop your children further down Quarry Lane, or on Broadfields and ask them to walk the short distance to school. This means that you can then turn down Quarry Lane or Quarry Park Road and do not need to drive past the school. This will in turn help to reduce congestion outside the school.


Please help us to keep students and other road users safe.