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Hello from Menorca!

13 July 2019

Hello from an extremely hot Menorca!

All students had a long tiring day yesterday. Thank you to the parents for dropping the students off at the airport at the ungodly hour of 4am. This has been the first year we’ve been able to meet and greet outside the airport because it was so warm. Surely it won’t be hotter than this in Menorca!? Wrong! Students were brilliant during the flight although I did sleep for the whole journey. I had kind of hoped that the students would too but they were obviously too excited.

On arrival to the airport we caught our coach transfer and made our way down to Cala Torret. Miss Bale then took the students to the beautiful white sand beach for a couple of hours before the accommodation and dive centre were ready to receive us. Pau introduced himself and they were inducted into the PADI course.

The day concluded with a knowledge review, a chapter to read for homework and a swim test. Some of the recent winds meant that a few jellyfish were still lurking around the bay and had to be dodged during the swim. The wind is meant to change tomorrow and hopefully will move them away. Nothing too ambitious on the cooking front tonight. Many chose to have a meal cooked for them at the restaurant whilst others beautifully prepared a frozen pizza or a ready meal curry! Lots of very tired students by the end of the day and all need a good night’s sleep to prepare for diving tomorrow!