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Welcome to year 9 History

5 September 2019

RE: Welcome to year 9 History

Dear Parents

We would like to welcome you to the History GCSE course. We hope that over the next three years we can provide you with enough information to help support your child to make the best progress in History. History is a challenging yet rewarding and interesting subject which covers large periods of time. To help students we have recently completed new revision work book to support the study of the History examination. For each of the units studied we will provide students with a booklet to help collate and develop their understanding. The first booklet covers the study of Elizabeth I 1568-1603. The booklet includes activities, content, revision tips and many exam questions. Additionally, we expect students to develop their historical skills by completing past paper questions and have therefore created a homework booklet for each unit.

We intend to use the new booklets during lessons and for homework assignments and therefore require students to either purchase or download their booklet for the start of the new topic. We are asking for a £1 donation to cover the cost of printing or if students would prefer to download the booklets for free. They can access them from google classroom, please ask for the code. Students in receipt of PP funding will get the booklet funded by the school.

There is also a wide variety of online support help support your child with revision for the final exam:

  • GCSEPOD – Go to www.gcsepod.com and create your account by clicking “new here get started” and entering your name, DOB and School.
  • ClickView – Go to the school webpage and enter your school log in details (If you have a Google account on your computer please ensure it is logged into the students school Google account). You will then see a tab for ClickView – all passwords and usernames have been emailed to student school email accounts.

Once on go to St Peter’s Tab – History – Elizabeth – find the correct documentary

  • We recommend the Revision Guide: Oxford AQA History: Elizabethan England, ISBN 9780198422938  


Yours sincerely


Mrs M Wilkinson – SLL History