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Year 11 – Clearing Day and Study Leave details

2 April 2019

Year 11 Clearing (002)

Year 11 Study Leave (002)

Year 11 Clearing: Clearing day is on Wednesday 19th June

On Friday 5th April year 11 students will be given a clearing form which will have the books or items of equipment which they need to return to their teachers before they leave the school. Also listed will be the replacement cost of each item and the ISBN number of the books which have been loaned to them.

  • If they have lost a book, they can either pay the replacement cost to the school, or buy a replacement book (use the ISBN number to get the correct copy). If they need to pay the replacement cost for any item, they need to visit the school Finance Office before Clearing Day, to make the payment and get this form signed.
  • If they do not think that they have been loaned something which is listed or they think that they have already returned it, they need to see the teacher who loaned it to them immediately. They will correct and sign this form. This cannot be done on Clearing Day.
  • Books and equipment listed must be returned directly to their subject teacher, before Clearing Day. Their teacher will sign this form to indicate that they have received each item.
  • Students must not leave books or equipment in a teacher’s classroom without getting their form signed, as they will still be charged for these.
  • Students need to empty their locker before Clearing Day.

On Clearing day, students will need to show a member of duty staff that their locker is empty and hand over their locker key. They will then go to the hall at an allocated time to get their form signed off. Once the form has been signed off by a member of SLT or me, then prom tickets will be issued (they will need to pay the final balance (£10) for their ticket).

Year 11 Study Leave:

Students must come to school every day between 23rd April and 24th May.

If they have more than 1 day off this will mean their attendance will drop below 95% for this period and they will not be able to go to prom (unless there are exceptional circumstances).

From 3rd June students must come in for their exams. At other times they have a choice of 3 options:-

  1. Go to the timetabled lessons for subjects in which they still have exams and go home at other times.
  2. Go to the timetabled lessons for subjects in which they still have exams and go to an allocated study room at other times.
  3. Stay at home to revise.

It is hoped that students will make the correct choice in order to prepare best for their exams.

If you wish your child to remain in school for the exam period (option 2) and not study at home please inform Mrs Tarlowski by email.