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Year 11 GCSE History students workshop

5 September 2019

July 3rd 2019

Dear Parents,

The History Department have arranged a visit for Year 11 GCSE History students to a full days GCSE workshop and performance to support the paper two topics on Britain: Health and the Nation and Elizabeth I. As these were topics originally studied in year 9 we feel it will provide a fantastic opportunity for students to revise key parts of the topic they may be less confident in before the actual exam in the summer of 2020. The visit will be at the Barnfield Theatre on Wednesday 5th February 2020.

The day is made of two different sessions. The first is The Doctors Show: a light-hearted play which tells the story of Health and Medicine in Britain since the Middle Ages. Throughout the play they will ask the audience to identify the factors of change involved in these developments, and to assess their impact on medical history. The play is in four parts and each part leads into an exam workshop session that looks at how the events of the play relate to the GCSE History course, and offers advice to students about how to improve their performance in their final exam. The workshop presenters do so by getting students to mark sample examination answers, as if they are assistant examiners in a moderation session.

The second session is the Inquisition of Queen Elizabeth I. The play is framed as a thought experiment in which students are asked to imagine that Queen Elizabeth has been captured by Catholic invaders and put on trial by a newly created English Inquisition. Leading the Inquisition is Cardinal William Allen, leader of English Catholics in exile, whose mission is the reconversion of England to the Catholic faith. His aim is to destroy the personal, political and religious credibility of the deposed Queen. The witnesses that he summons provide damning testimony concerning all aspects of her reign. To save her own life, Elizabeth must provide a credible defence against their evidence. Again students will be reminded of key content of the source and take part in an exam workshop to understand how to improve answers.

We would like students to make their own way to and from the theatre. We will aim to meet outside the Barnfield Theatre at 9.30am. The show is due to commence at 9.45am and it is imperative that students arrive in time to be registered and receive appropriate material to support the exam workshop. Students will have one hour to get lunch in Exeter and return for the afternoon session at 1.30 which is due to finish at 4.00 where students are free to make their own way home. The department is asking for a voluntary contribution of £25 (each session costs £12.50) which will help to cover the cost of the admission fees.  If we do not receive enough contributions to cover the cost of the trip we will unfortunately be unable to run the excursion. Cheques should be made payable to Devon County Council and be given into the finance office. Alternatively you can use Schoolcoms. Students in receipt of PP funding maybe eligible for complementary places, please contact the finance department for more information.

It is important for the department to book the tickets at this advance stage of the course as there is a lengthy waiting list from other schools for this performance and tickets are on hold until the 12th September. Therefore if you wish your son/daughter to go on this trip please return the slip below to the finance office as soon as possible before Monday 9th September 2019. Please note we have a limited number of tickets available and therefore if oversubscribed names will be selected at random after the due date.

Yours faithfully

Mrs M Wilkinson


To: Finance Office by Monday 9th September 2019

History Trip – Exam Workshop

Student Name _________________________________________________ Tutor Group: ___________

I enclose a voluntary contribution of £25 towards the cost of the trip to the Barnfield Theatre

I realise that my son/ daughter will have to make their own way to and from the Barnfield Theatre

I have discussed the importance of good behaviour whilst on this trip, particularly when not under the direct supervision of staff.

Signed: _____________________________________ Parent/Carer         Date:   _____________(Medical forms have been completed and are kept on file.  If you need to make any amendments to your child’s form, please download a new form from the school website and return to the school office.)