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Year 11 History Update

5 September 2019

Year 11 History Update

Dear Parents

We would like to welcome you to the final year of the History GCSE course. We hope that over the next year we will be able to work together to help support your child to make the best progress in History. Firstly, can I thank all of you who took the time to fill in the survey regarding support for the coming year. We have taken all of your views onboard and hope that you will find the detailed information below useful. In the next few weeks students will be given a new booklet, this is not for them but for you and we hope that it helps give you some ideas about how to support your child through the revision process. Additionally, please may I remind parents about the GCSE revision workshop in February. It is extremely valuable and on the tricky paper two topics. I have to confirm our provisional places by next week so if you would like your child to attend please return the letter to finance.

Detailed below are some of the request made in the survey about what support you would like in the final year of study:

Suggestion… Moving forward…
Revision sessions – especially on older topics such as the Elizabeth I unit. After school sessions will run every Thursday from next week. They will be in H61 and will be lecture based on content. They will last only 20 minutes from 3.10-3.30. A detailed plan can be found in the parent’s handbook.
Past paper question papers/ model answers. The new homework booklets are only past paper questions. Each booklet has many examples of types of questions. Students currently have a booklet for all the paper one questions. They will receive two further booklets for the paper two topics at the end of this term. Model answers will be used to review and reflect on student responses. These will be uploaded on the google classroom.
A simple summary of the four units of study to help understand what topics students are studying. All four units have been given a comprehensive summary in the parent’s handbook.
Understanding of what resources are available. In the parent’s handbook there is a guide about available resources, revisions guides, online platforms and documentaries. All of which can be accessed by yourself and your child
A way to help test your child on content The parent’s handbook has a question and answer section – to help you test your child at home.
Revision strategies The guide explains how to help students revise. It is important that revision is not just content based but applying the knowledge with skill.
Enrichment opportunities Please consider the Exam workshop in February. We will also be seeking further opportunities. For example, last year students attended a workshop in London on Elizabeth I by David Starkey and we offered Webinar seminars after school.

I hope the above and the new handbook will help support you during this year. Please, if you have any concerns do not wait for a parent evening but contact your class teacher or myself directly. Hopefully, if we all work together students can achieve their potential this year.

Kind regards

Mrs M Wilkinson – SLL History

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