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Year 11 News, May 24th 2019

24 May 2019

Dear Parents/Carers,

Congratulations to year 11 for making it through an intense 2 weeks. I hope they manage to have a bit of down time now before they start preparing for the next set of exams. They have coped with the pressure brilliantly, I would like to share a bit of feedback from one of our exam invigilators after a chemistry exam in the sports hall The students were absolutely amazing. Their behaviour was impeccable. They were so mature, took the exam very seriously and acted with such integrity. They clearly understood how to pace themselves and work effectively under exams conditions. It was evident every student tried their hardest and this was very impressed. A great reflection on St Peters and every individual student” I am very proud!!
After half term students have study leave. They can come to school to revise or stay at home when they don’t have exams. Students will be asked to sign in and out and there will be notices for year 11 displayed by the sign in sheets. When in school we will be expecting the students to be in in an exam, in a lesson or in a study room working quietly. Also a reminder that students are expected to be in correct school uniform

Here are also a few reminders relating to all things year 11;

  • Lunch accounts: students need to make sure they clear any money on their lunch accounts before they leave.
  • Clearing: Please encourage your child to return any books, equipment etc. once they have finished with them and before clearing day on 19th June, instructions about clearing day are on their clearing letter.
  • Leavers’ BBQ: Tickets are available from the finance office at a cost of £2.50
  • Prom: Deposits for prom need to be paid by Wednesday 5th
  • Unwanted uniform: If students have any unwanted uniform we would be grateful if they could donate it to school. They can bring it with them on clearing day to hand in.
  • Exhibition: year 11 art, photography and graphics final exhibition will take place after school from 4-6 pm on Friday 5th July. All students and their families are invited to attend to see their exam pieces and some coursework highlights on display in the dance studio.


I will only be sending out a couple more bulletins so I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support this year. As always it is great to get any feedback so if you would like to tell me what things worked well with year 11, what things didn’t and anything additional you would have liked to see in place please let me know. I will pass on any information to our head of year 10 who will be overseeing year 11 next year.

Have a good bank holiday weekend, I hope the sun shines.


Kind regards,

Kelly Tarlowski