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Year 11 update

3 May 2019

Dear Parents/Carer,

A special mention to those year 11s this week who are really making the most of their time and taking responsibility for their learning. I was really impressed when I saw a group of students sitting in a classroom at lunchtime quietly studying, well done We have one more week left of lessons before the exam season starts and every hour can make a difference.

This week my assembly focused on what do if you are feeling anxious or nervous, these tips don’t just apply to now but also to life. Ask your child what their power pose is and what breathing techniques they are practising.

I have asked for volunteers for my leavers’ assembly on 19th June. Our year group has many talented musicians and performers and I would love them to perform in our celebration assembly. Please encourage your child to come and see me if they want to do something.

A number of students have asked for clarification on what happens after half term in terms of study leave. Students need to choose how they think they will work best. If they think studying at home suits them better all they need to do is to come in for exams. If they want support with their study, they can come to lessons. If they have completed exams in some of their subjects but want to work in school there will be a study room. Please have a conversation with your child about what you think will work best for them.

Hoodies should be in school next week, prom deposits (£20) need to be paid by 15th June and the year book (£16) can be ordered through the finance office and school gateway.

Please check the school website regularly for up to date notices for year 11 over the next few weeks.

Kind regards,

Kelly Tarlowski