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CCF Four Winds Expedition Training January 12th 2019

CCF Fernworthy Loop Expedition Training 9th February 2019

CCF Okehampton Dartmoor Training 17th March 2019

CCF Ten Tors & Adventurous Training 2018/2019



CCF members are challenged with a week of physical and mentally stimulating training: hard work but lots of fun!ks4 res ccf 5

In the past we have been to military camps in Cornwall, Dorset, Wales, Yorkshire and Sussex. Activities which are normally included during the week are a range day where cadets will get the opportunity to carry out live firing.

The physical development day normally includes kayaking, open boat canoeing, raft racing and dinghy sailing, archery, climbing and mountain biking.

The emphasis of the week is directed to improving cadet skills and other activities might include orienteering, first aid, an obstacle course, paintballing, lazerquest and field-craft.

This is a week of character building activities, where Cadets are challenged both physically and mentally, but come away with a sense of achievement and many amazing memories!


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