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Sex and Relationship Education within CPSHE

At St Peter’s, Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) should prepare young people for an adult life in which they can:

– develop positive values and a moral framework that will guide their decisions, judgements and behaviour;

– be aware of their sexuality and understand human sexuality;

– understand the arguments for delaying sexual activity;

– understand the reasons for having protected sex;

– understand the consequences of their actions and behave responsibly within sexual and pastoral relationships;

– have the confidence and self-esteem to value themselves and others and respect for individual conscience and the skills to judge what kind of relationships they want;

– communicate effectively;

– have sufficient information and skills to protect themselves and, where they have one, their partner from unintended/unwanted conceptions, and sexually transmitted infections including HIV;

– avoid being exploited or exploiting others;

– avoid being pressured into unwanted or unprotected sex;

– access confidential sexual health advice, support and if necessary treatment;

– know how the law applies to sexual relationships.

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